GLOBAL MK ACADEMY investment network



GLOBAL MK ACADEMY is a USA fintech company created to provide intelligent collections on stock exchange and investment services with its team of experts and professional traders,safe and high tech investment tools and customer priority approach,The company is licensed by the United State securities and investments commission(ASIC) and operates under the direct regulation and supervision of the council of financial regulators (C.F.R) of United State. GLOBAL MK ACADEMY was founded in 2018 with an objective of creating an equitable investment structure as well as providing fast, easy, and secure access to the world of digital finance.

This great project came about after a critical analysis of previously existing investment companies.The company believ GLOBAL MK ACADEMY was also created to eradicate the autocratic investment policies adopted by these previously existing investment companies, The company can also be called an investor's company as services to a large extent can be determined by routine feedback from our users.

Stock exchange & investments undergoes a regular mining operation 24hrs a day.

Our Job at GLOBAL MK ACADEMY is to guide and show our clients how to invest and make money through this platform without the need of a third party.. An accumulated interest rate is distributed evenly accross every wallet registered and connected to the mining network.

At GLOBAL MK ACADEMY we have the best group of expert traders and we mine using the best mining hardware( CGminer) which makes it possible for our clients to get the best mining services. Once your account is created and registered, your wallet will be credited with a start up bonus interest of 5$ from GLOBAL MK ACADEMY

You can monitor and control your investment on GLOBAL MK ACADEMY 24hrs a day